Product Review - Golfers CBD (Part Two - Cold Turkey)

Welcome back to another slice of the Three Off The Tee pie. I hope you're well and getting out and playing some golf. The days are definitely drawing out but I wish the weather would hurry up and become more Spring like. At my home course we've had some heavy rain again this week and the course is still very wet in places. Add in a brutal wind and fearsome wind chill it has all been hard work. Indeed I did a piece on winter golf. If you missed it you can check out it by clicking here).

And so to the crux of the matter. The sharp eyed amongst you will see this is the second part of an ongoing product review on something called Golfer CBD. I filled you in with part one, on the company, their range of products and more importantly what it had done to help (or not) my game throughout January. Before we go any further if you missed part one, I strongly recommend reading part one by tapping here and seeing what it's all about. You'll thank me.

If you are familiar with part one you'll be up to speed and the plan for the second part of this ongoing review of Golfers CBD, starting with their oil and gummies. The idea was to go cold turkey and not use their products for February and compare my feelings on the course without them, the effects on my scoring and my general thought process during a round. And that is what I did......up to a point. More of that to come.

The Golfers CBD oil and gummies I'd used in Jnauary - Not allowed for part two of this product review

So where to start? Well cold turkey has been very cold. I don't think that is a plot spoiler from part one. There was a variable thrown into the mix in part two with a lesson and a competition meant the whole month of cold turkey didn't go to plan.

A final request before I progress, to read part one.

Right here we go. The biggest thing I took away from part one of the test was just how at ease on the course I was. There was a feeling of quietness inside my head and a lack of swing thoughts. There was clarity in my decision making and in my routine which continued over the ball. Now as a 13.4 handicapper with lofty ambition to reach single figures, or as near as possible dammit, then I am still more than capable of hitting bad shots and during the first part of the test I most certainly did. However there was a sense of acceptance. Find it and hit again, hopefully better. Picking up some money in that period helped as well.

So how does that compare to my February golf? Let me sum it up by saying cold turkey, was very, very cold. Everything I said in the previous paragraph went out of the window. I was back to the old me and yes it is winter golf so maybe I should cut myself some slack, but I hit it terribly and the scores were a good 3-4 points per round lower compared to January. Where before I could be playing badly but calmer and get it round in a stableford score that started with a 3, last month was a constant battle. More swing thoughts, more disturbed over bad shots, meaning more swing thoughts, and do you know what, I didn't actually enjoy it as much!

One of the benefits I found in part one was an ability to concentrate and my swing itself felt more smooth and easy. Not so in February where in the bad rounds I looked like an octopus trying to negotiate a revolving door. No timing and while there were patches of good golf, usually on the front nine, the back nine would collapse and I struggled to keep a good score going. I had been tucking into the CBD gummies as well as using the oil for a boost but going cold turkey meant I couldn't do that either. I have nothing substantive or any medical proof of the differences between my two golfing months, and there will be those cynics that say the whole Golfers CBD is just a placebo effect, but my own personal experiences showed a distinct change between month one and month two.

Now then, if you were paying attention, and taking this blog in, you'll know that I said I went cold turkey......up to a point. That point was the February stableford at my club, played off the yellows. As I've alluded to, I still have a dogmatic belief I can get to single figures (or "The Quest For Single Figures" aka "The Quest" as it's known on here) and so I decided to break my cold turkey regime for this one event in an attempt to play well and generate a handicap cut.

Golfers CBD 10% - mint flavoured

Perhaps that decision in between the consistent inconsistencies of February highlights the benefit of the Golfers CBD oil. The competition was on Saturday February 12th and I had a lesson on the Thursday (10th) with only a brief range session to make the changes feel reasonable in the swing. So come on then, what happened? I'm glad you asked. I came second in my division and picked up the first place pot for the swindle. I could have won it but made a real mess of our fifth from 100 yards out not to score. That was the difference between a win or not. Gross par and I won.

The point is with the oil before going out and after nine and it was immediately back to that air of calm I've spoken about and I put in another very good performance. Again some may argue that it was the lesson. That may have contributed but having not taken the new changes onto the course and then going out with card and pencil in hand, and while I'd suggest it will have helped, I got far more from the Golfers CBD. There is a more than a tenuous suggestion in my testing to date, to suggest there are definite and positive benefits to using these products.

I have picked up more roll up money in the last two months than I can remember. My scores using the oil and gummies are far more consistent. I am enjoying my golf, even on the not quite hitting it well days, I am playing better using the CBD and I am competitive. So what's not to like?

Golfers CBD gummies - fruit flavour

One of the great things about Golfers CBD is their presence on social media, especially Twitter (@golferscbd) and they are regularly running competitions to win their products and have even had free giveaways so it is in your best interest to give them a follow and see what's going on. If you want to see what products they sell, more information about golf and CBD, lab reports and a ton of other stuff then log onto the website (click on the link here).

So what's next for me and this ongoing review? In order to test further, this link between me taking the products and playing well and not taking them and playing not so well I am going to do a month of taking them competitively and not in social rounds. The competition season is about to start with a pairs better ball competition this weekend (13th March) which is an honours board event at my club (and I've won before) so it should be interesting. This cold turkey review has shown what I thought and experienced but lets extend it further and see if the correlation continues.

If any of you are using Golfers CBD I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment at the bottom of this blog or contact me on my socials at the front of the site. Have you found it has helped? Similarly if you want to ask a question please feel free by posting in the same way. I mentioned in part one of the review about a free giveaway. That's coming in the next few months so keep checking my blog regularly and keep an eye out on my social media.

Thank you as always for your time in reading my humble thoughts and opinions on golf related matters. The season is really about to start and I wish you well. Play well and I'll hopefully catch you for other blogs (perhaps a "Quest" update) on here soon. There will be some other product reviews coming as well, and these will also feature on my Three Off The Tee youtube channel. You can view the content to date by clicking here. In the meantime happy golfing and I'll see you here again soon.

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