Product Review - Golfers CBD (Part One)

Welcome along to my latest blog. I hope wherever this finds you, it finds you well and you are getting out and playing some golf. We are still in the midst of winter golf and while Royal Ascot Golf Club (my home club) has been playable, that has meant cold temperatures and some wet and muddy conditions. It is a subject I tackled in a recent blog "Winter Golf - Challenge or Chore" which I strongly suggest you read here

However I digress. As the title suggest I am doing another product review. This one will be a bit different so bear with me as I explain. The product I am looking at, and indeed the concept itself will undoubtedly divide opinion and some will buy into it and the benefits and others will dismiss this as a placebo at best or hocus pocus will no proven gains. I would hope the doubters will at least read what I've got to say, and the results to date, and will perhaps consider giving the product a go and trying it for themselves.

So what is this product, what does it claim to do and what has it got to do with my golf? I am looking at a company called Golfers CBD and in particular their oil and fruit gummies. Who are Golfers CBD? They are a UK based company (head office in Reigate in Surrey) who are selling CBD or Cannabidiol to improve a players concentration, recovery and sleep and even assist in treating aches and pains. As always with these reviews, I haven't been paid or had any remuneration for this review from Golfers CBD, they have had no input into this review and the views within this blog/review are mine, and are independent based on my own experiences and findings.

It is a developing market and with there are a number of other brands out there including one endorsed by Open winner Darren Clarke. However it is the Golfers CBD products I am going to look at. If you want to find out far more about what Golfers CBD have to offer then check out the website

The health benefits of CBD are well known and by influencing the receptors in our systems we can change how we react to stress, maintain a good mood and execute motor skills under pressure. The ability to influence these reactions, to aid preparation (through improved sleep) and recovery time makes this the perfect supplement for golfers.

The company are very passionate on where they source their CBD oil from. As well as that how much should you take? This can be confusing but the important calculation is the percentage of CBD. Their 1000mg oil comes in a 10ml bottle, this is 10% strength. Golfers CBD say some companies sell 1000mg oil in a 30ml bottle, this is additional carrier fluid so one third the strength at around 3.3%. Or to put it another way you need to take 3 times as much to gain the same benefits from Golfers CBD. You can get CBD oil from a lot of places including Holland and Barrett (a health store brand in the UK) so I guess the moral if you don't buy directly from Golfers CBD (and you can view all their products in their store here) is you need to do your homework and be careful what you are buying.

Golfers CBD have already got some well known names on board with their product including Solheim Cup player and victorious captain Catriona Matthew and they have a growing presence on social media especially Twitter. Check them out here. It may be in your best interest as they have frequent giveaways and so you may be lucky and get a chance to try Golfers CBD for free if you win.

So you've heard about what CBD is, how it works and how Golfers CBD think it can benefit the average golfer as well as elite and professional players. So what has that got to do with me and my golf? Well, I have been trying the oil in the basic level at 10% as shown below

I have had an inkling to try CBD for my golf for a few months. This may have come from my social media seemingly being bombarded by different companies (big brother is clearly watching) offering their wares. Again, being transparent, I won the oil and gummies in a free to enter draw from Golfers CBD so that has clearly influenced which make I have tried. I have had to pay for the another batch of oil. That said, I had already been drawn to their products via their social media and so they were always going to be the first manufacturer I used.

The astute amongst you will see this is part one of the review. I am planning to use the Golfers CBD products throughout the golfing season and also to see how it helps with sleep and treating any aches and pains (so my glass back will be a prime candidate).

So lets start at the beginning. I have been using the oil for all my rounds since the new year. I take a couple of drops about 15 minutes before I tee off and have been taking a couple more after nine holes. I have not had any golf instruction during this period and because of the freezing temperatures, strong winds and rain we have had in my neck of the woods, any range time has been restricted to two sessions since the new year so I have had to rely on rocking up and playing on the day and not honing my swing in the evenings.

I can only report on my results in January since using the CBD oil but in the weekend roll ups, I have come second (and picked up some money) and third several times. I have even won the Sunday roll up (and a nice £75) pot which is something I haven't managed to do in well over two years. In very simple terms I have played under my handicap three or four times and those games where I wasn't under handicap, my scores were still well into the thirties, even though I didn't feel I hit the ball particularly well and struggled with my short game in the wet winter conditions.

There will be those that simply say this is a change in my golfing fortunes and I am simply riding the crest of a purple patch. That's possible, and I'd love it to be true but my form before Christmas and before taking the oil simply wasn't that consistent. Indeed I even had a stay in hospital in the week running up to Christmas so there was limited golf and no practice. If you read the previous Three Off The Tee blog (which you can read by clicking here) you'll know that consistency in my golf is not a common theme. There will be some that say this oil is a placebo and by taking it I am somehow shifting my thoughts into a better place. Again, that is a point of view but not one I subscribe to based on what I've seen to date.

I don't have any scientific data to back that up. I'll leave you to look at the Golfers CBD site and see what they say about the products. What I can do is give you my feedback on the oil and how it has affected me. In very plain and simple terms, I have an air of calm when I am out of the course. I have far fewer swing or technical thoughts in my head (a regular problem), and feel I can see the shots more clearly. There is an air of acceptance of the outcome be that a good shot or bad. I am simply playing on an even keel emotionally.

Golf takes time and you can be out on the course for four hours or more. That's a long time to concentrate and every round will present stressful situations and emotional challenges. The Golfers CBD website talks about CB1 receptors. These receptors are moderators of your memory, mood, motor function, perception of pain, stress response and thinking. For the player there are many obvious benefits just in the course of a single round of golf, particularly the positive effect on mood, motor function, stress response and thinking. This is what I have found. I am more positive about my golf and the outcome of the shot, and even if I hit a shocker I can deal with it.

I have talked about playing under my handicap but I can honestly say I haven't played great golf. I have topped shots into a penalty hazard, struggled with the driver and messed up chips. What I have managed is to find a way to get it round, sometimes playing ugly. To do that I have had to accept the poor shots. That is something I haven't done often and a poor shot would often see me question technique, moan about bad luck or get wound up inside. Taking the oil before a round and after nine has changed all that. My response to poor shots is so very different. There is a calm, something I am struggling to put into a cohesive sentence, but an air of positivity and a mood shift towards thinking I can make the best of any round and situation I find myself in. As I say it's hard to put into words but in practice there has been a real change in my golfing persona. Some who know me would say I am a glass positively empty when I play, not even half full, but since using the oil that has definitely changed for the better.

I have also had the Golfers CBD gummies (see here) which have let me have a boost on the way round. I have tried to keep these in reserve but I had a very good round last Sunday (23rd January) and thought I may have been in contention to pick up the pot for a second week running (although a magnificent round well into the forties put paid to that) and started to get ahead of myself in the closing stretch and the gummies helped put me back into a more focused place. What I have tried to avoid is taking the oil and the gummies together too often. While the proof has seemingly been in the pudding with my performances, and the oil in particular has given me a good base line to start this season long review, I don't want to be reliant on taking more and more products to stay at the same level.

I am going to play February cold turkey and not use any of the oil or gummies and see what effect that has on my performance. I will be interested to see if the level of consistency remains (or indeed improves). Will I still have the aura of calm, focus and lack of swing thoughts? It should be an interesting comparison.

So there you go. A very unusual product to review but one that I think you'll hear a lot more about in the next few years as research data and more reviews come through. I can only give you my own thoughts on what I have found and that is there definitely seems to be something in this and that there is a basis to say it has helped my game so far. It will be up to you to decide if you want to give it a go for yourself, maybe after seeing my ongoing reviews through the season. At this point, I am a convert and it has seemingly improved my game.

To finish, I will be giving away a Golfers CBD gift pack in the future and details on how to enter will be in a future review so keeping following this blog. It'll also be on my social media so if you don't follow me on Twitter ( please do so. While you are at it please look at my Three Off The Tee youtube channel and subscribe. You can find it here

Keep following this blog and my reviews through the golfing season for a chance to win a Golfers CBD gift box

Thank you for reading this review and I hope it has at least given you some food for thought. Don't forget to check out the Golfers CBD website as there is a host of information that may help you. I am really excited to see how this plays out over the course of the golfing season and what impact it actually has on my game. So far so good but lets see what happens and how it helps my game (or not) once the competitions start and will it help me on the Quest For Single Figures? Join me for the next part of this product review soon.

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