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Welcome one and all. I hope this quick preview blog finds you well and wherever you are in the world, your golf is in a decent place and the season treated you well. I will be doing my own review of my 2021 season closer to the new year as was the tradition on my old blog, and if you want to see what dreams and aspirations I had each year you can view the old version here. It may make some fun reading on how this addicted golfaholic had so many hopes and finding out if any came to fruition.

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read my inane ramblings and especially those that commented via my social media. Please feel free to click on the links and leave a comment on whichever platform you wish to.

So, to the heart of the matter. I have a couple of great blogs coming apart from the annual review of the year. I was lucky enough to recently win a twitter giveaway by a company called Golfers CBD and so will be talking about my prize and the product. I'll be doing a product review (as always) but this will be a slightly different one as I'll be using the products over the course of the season, so from around March, and reporting back to tell you how it's going. A huge thank you to Golfers CBD and I am sure their goods will make a difference. If nothing else it will provide a real discussion point.

My prize - but what's in the box?

It is actually a product that I've been interested in for some time and had planned to test in due course. The CBD market and its relationship with golf is growing and there are a few names in the market place. I guess the big question will be - DOES IT WORK?

And here we are - some CBD gummies to eat on the course and some CBD oil

As I have said, I think the subject of CBD will create some interesting discussions and as always please use the social media to let me know your thoughts or comment at the bottom of the blog itself.

If that blog is going to be something new topical and provoke interest and discussion, the next subject will split opinion straight down the middle. It is a divisive topic and when mentioned on place like the Golf Monthly Forum (come and join their conversation here) it causes no end of heated debate and argument. So what can be so inflammatory? The answer is - AIMPOINT

For the uninitiated, this is a method of green reading based on feeling the slope of the putt with the feet and using your fingers to calibrate the amount the putt will break. This is called Aimpoint Express although originally it was a chart based system. I have benefitted from being through two tuition sessions with Jamie Donaldson, who is Aimpoint's European senior instructor and works with a number of European Tour players as well as teaching the Aimpoint method to club golfers.

I have included a video from the Golfshake website which shows Jamie teaching a basic Aimpoint read. Watch it here

Again, it is a topic I have visited on many occasions on the previous blog including this post which includes a video I did at my home golf club to give you the reader a mid-handicapper demonstration. I strongly suggest you click here to watch it.

Jamie Donaldson - Aimpoint's Senior European Instructor

Having said all that, I am planning to give you an update and to show how easy it is to use in a real time situation and dispel some of the myths, especially about it being a cause of slow play. I have to reiterate, although I've been taught by Jamie Donaldson, I am not a tutor and only showing it as an example of something that has definitely helped my game. If however having said that and you'd like to know more there is lots of information on Jamie's website

So then, plenty of interesting stuff coming soon. I hope you'll enjoy all the blogs heading your way as well as the Aimpoint video coming to the Three Off The Tee youtube channel which you can find here. Again, there's loads of great content on there already so head over and check it out. While you are there don't forget to subscribe. The more people following the channel the more opportunities I'll be able to start offering to you in 2022.

Thanks as always for reading. I hope this blog whets your appetite for what is to come and that you'll be a regular visitor to the blog in the future as well as delving back into the old blog. In the meantime, stay safe, enjoy your golf and I'll talk to you through this blog soon.

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