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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Welcome one and all to the Three Off The Tee golf blog. I'm back, or at least the Three Off The Tee name is. Some of you may recall that in the midst of time I have a previous incarnation of the Three Off The Tee blog which you can still check out here - I decided to change the direction of my golf blog and so changed the title to A View From The 19th and decided to swap blogging platforms to Wordpress. While the functionality and certainly the look of the blog was vastly improved, sadly the site suffered a fatal data error and the site has been corrupted and lost. Out of adversity comes opportunity and so what better way than to bring back the name that has stood me so well in my blogging journey from my very first blog on 1st January 2010. Ladies and gentleman I bring you the new improved Three Off The Tee!!

So what's it all about? Well my name is Martin and I am a professional. OK that’s an outright lie, but "The Professional" or more often "The Pro" is the nickname the wags and miscreants I call my golfing friends at Royal Ascot Golf Club (my home club) have given me. It comes about from my prevalence for practice and working on my game with dogmatic self belief that I can achieve and maintain a single figure golf handicap.

However before you reach for the mouse to wander off elsewhere in cyberspace, this is a journey. It’s a tale of a golf addict (there I’ve said it) who truly believes that he has the potential to become a single figure golfer and who lives and sleeps for the next game, practice session or lesson. This blog will detail "The Quest For Single Figures" or "The Quest as it has become known but it will have so much more to hopefully keep you entertained.

So what’s my aim? Where are we going with this? Well there is going to be a new, meaner ruthless "Pro" out on the course from here on. I’m fed up of clapping politely as someone else walks off with the trophy. I want to win as much silverware as I can. Play winning golf and the handicap cuts and "The Quest" takes care of itself. Too often I’ve started well only to limp home like a three legged dog. I’m also capable of throwing a competition away in the opening holes and then realise too late that I can play the stupid game and come home under a full canvass.

As you will discover, I’m the type of golfer that can make a double bogey when a birdie seems easier. When I’m good I’m very good but when I’m bad it can be xxx rated and there is rarely any middle ground. Its almost 2021 and my handicap index under the new world golf handicap (WGH) is 11.6. How low can I go? Why not leave a comment and tell me where you think my handicap will be by 31st December 2021.

My work ethic. Golf doesn't come easy so I have to put the hard work in to get any rewards from this infuriating game
They call me "The Pro" at my home club - This is my mantra. Work hard and the rewards will come

Don’t be put off by the new mean golfing persona. Golf is and always should be fun and an excuse to enjoy pleasant scenery in good company. My dear old (and much missed dad) taught me to lose with good grace and should you win, win with humility.

However this blog is so much more than "The Quest". If you take the time to look at the previous incarnation you'll see that over the years it was active, there were some interesting product reviews, course reviews from wherever my golfing travels took me and much more. I also have a Three Off The Tee Youtube channel. Feel free to check it out the site here and while you are there, don't forget to subscribe. The bigger I can make the youtube channel the more opportunities I can bring for you to join in with.

Make sure you check out the youtube channel. As it says - click, watch, subscribe. The bigger the channel the more opportunities I can bring to you to join in with
The Three Off The Tee Youtube logo - please subscribe. The bigger the channel the more interactive opportunities I can bring you

We all know that this year has been a nightmare on so many levels. I had so many golfing plans for the year and some really exciting opportunities. 2020 can definitely do one (more of that coming soon). Hopefully 2021 will see these come to fruition and I hope you join me here to read all about it.

What I hope this blog will be is a fun place for you to spend a little time on a regular basis. Follow my golfing progress and hopefully you’ll be kind enough to pass on your thoughts and comments as we go. I’ll let you know if I have an epiphany with my swing and recount the glory and tragedy of my golfing exploits.

I'll bring you some interesting (and perhaps unusual) product reviews and share my thoughts about the courses I play with my in depth course reviews. There is already a few interesting irons in the fire I can't wait to share with you once we get back to normality. Should you be planning a golf trip in 2021 once this Covid madness is over, check out my partner Find A Golf Break on the front page and let Simon and his team organise everything for you.

A major winner at Royal Ascot Golf Club - will 2021 be another winning year?
Once a winner...... Lets hope there is more silverware in 2021 - follow the blog to find out

I want to share some of lighter side of this great game we both love and hate in equal measures. I hope I've whetted your appetite and that you'll be a regular. For now though I am so excited that Three Off The Tee is back as a blog to run alongside the youtube channel. It is good to be back and its great to have you with me.

For now though, stay safe, enjoy your golf if you are able to get out and play and I'll see you for more content soon.

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